Kunstnacht (Art night) ‘s-Hertogenbosch 17-09-11


Kabelfreak und die Konztructor:// with ‘Oldskoolgamegonzovjmadness’ in W2


and finissage exhibition Kelderwerk1 ‘I didn’t think I experimented’ with performances of Vera van der Velden and Yorick Poortvliet in the basement of CBK ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The Zine publication is also still available!

with among others the text about the project by Florette Dijkstra:



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Artist in Residence Call for entry ‘THE BASEMENT…’


CBK (Centre of Art) ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Located in the centre of ’s-Hertogenbosch, in the basement of an old Sigare factory, workspaces are located in the basement. The factory is nowadays used for all kinds of art related establishments. The basement is still looking rough not fixed.

Location on Google Maps 

Four visual artists; three Dutch and one artist from abroad; one space.

You will be working together for 1-2 months (July-August). While starting individual in your own corner, you’ll end up (or not) working to the middle on a ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’. The last two weeks of the project we will be open for public during the weekend to show the process. At the end of this period a big openings party with the exhibition of the work will follow!

Living space (couch surfing) and working space (studio and basement) will be provided. Travel and living costs will be at your own expense.

There will be a program with visiting shows, venues, gigs, museums and galleries to get to know the city of ’s-Hertogenbosch and the Dutch art scene.

You’re asked to participate in a evening talk for artist from the Netherlands to get to know your work, with the possibility to discuss it.

We are looking for an artist who makes installations and is willing to participate with other artist in this project.

You will be working in the Basement with:

Yorick Poortvliet http://www.anti-artist.nl

Timo van Grinsven http://timovangrinsven.blogspot.com

Raimon Sibilo http://raimonsibilo.com


Paperwork to submit

·  a personal statement saying why you want to participate

·  a small sample of your individual work (site, demo, pictures e.t.c)

·  C.V.

Deadline: 1 Juli 2011

Please submit all inquires preferable online at info@raimonsibilo.com

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