The boat Era returns?


Click on the picture below for the process development of the Bosch Parade 2010 boat “Garden of burdens” I made (with a lot of help), from presentation plan to floating boat on the parade.

Raimon Sibilo - Garden of burdens, Bosch Parade 2010

BOSCH PARADE Photo’s (Copyright Photo’s: BWC Pictures Ben Nienhuis)

Tuin der Lasten

Tuin der Lasten

Bosch Parade 2010 (28) Bosch Parade 2010 (27)


BOSCH PARADE 16-06-10 Last rehearsal, some of the other boats

BOSCH PARADE Publication in ‘Bastion-Oranje’

Click for Bastion-Oranje, Den Bosch article. I’m on page 10-11.

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 16.45.55

BOSCH PARADE Update 12-06 Testdrive 0.01

BOSCH PARADE Update 09-06-10 Making The ‘Pirate’ Flag!