55th Venice Biennale 2015 day 1

Raimon Sibilo - IMG_2835_edit (2013)



Ai Weiwei



Thomas Zipp – Comparative Investigation about the Disposition of the With of A Circle



Richard Mosse



Rashad Alakbarov - IMG_2913 IMG_2977 IMG_2769 IMG_2691




Do you……..feel more secure? (re-edit 2014)





How to Block a Surveillance Camera: A DIY Art Tutorial from Ai Weiwei (click on the title above for more info)

Photo impression of the exhibition ‘Ai Weiwei in New York’ Fotografien 1983-1993 Martin-Grobius-Bau at Berliner Festspiele 2011

Wasn’t allowed to make pictures so my apologies for the quality.