Rai-mon Si-bi-lo m Creative mercenary 1 Independent fine art professional, multidisciplinary, conceptual work, project-based, site-specific, installation, photo, video, found footage, internet, social media, collector, ready-mades, part of RE.SET collective (street performance/photography/film), “beachcomber” in a concrete, digital landscape; 2 Graphic Designer, ZCKSTUDIO, Lo-graph, commercial design, audiovisual design, shirt design (ZCKWEAR), (silk)screen printing, street art; 3 VJ, experimental live video, KNZTRKTR://, found footage, Youtube, animated GIF, cooperation; 4 Homo Sapiens, based in Berlin, born & raised in The Netherlands.

Portfolio:  www.raimonsibilo.com



http://raimonsibilo2.wordpress.com ¡THIS IS THE FUTURE!

999 Profiles but it still aint me http://999profilesbutitstillaintme.tumblr.com
RE.SET collective (in cooperation with Eugenie Novellati)
REFuse collective (ENDED, was precursor of RE.SET with a 3th member Federico Genna)
FUCK THE DJ! (Experimental VJ PROJECT in cooperation with Rafaela Neff)

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